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"Our goal is to meet or exceed customer quality, delivery, and cost requirements through continual improvement and review of our quality management system."

Quality is the 1st priority at Med TECH LLC. We strive to provide our customers with products that not only meet their dimensional, functional and cosmetic requirements, but also exceed their expectations in these areas.

Some of the many ways Med TECH LLC maintains and meets the strictest customer and regulatory requirements include:

  • Gage Control- Extensive Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility studies have been and are performed as needed on our calibrated gages to assure consistent and accurate measurements of products as well as all gage calibrations being traceable to NIST standards.
  • Process Controls/ testing- Med TECH has extensive Process Validations completed and available to customers upon request for all manufacturing equipment and special processes.
  • Manufacturing process control- Med TECH establishes control plans giving extensive detail and process flow for each step in the manufacturing process to operators. Customers can have confidence that they will consistently receive the same product with each new order.
  • Traceability and Documentation Control- Med TECH maintains and protects our documentation to include multiple offsite back-ups of all data to assure we are prepared for any customer requests. We assure full traceability of each order for raw materials, special processes, outsource vendors, manufacturing personnel, dates manufactured, gages used, inspection personnel and any other applicable element of the specific product.
  • Vendor controls- Med TECH LLC understands that our vendors for materials and processes are a reflection on us and we strive to maintain excellent relationships and communication to convey the importance of the quality of our products. We have a controlled list of vendors that is monitored and analyzed for on time delivery performance and quality requirements.

Med TECH welcomes customers to schedule Quality audits, as needed, to give you confidence in the quality of product you will receive from us. We have staff on-site to assist you with this. If you are interested in learning more about Med TECH LLC or any aspect of our quality system, please feel free to give us a call or send an email to info@medtech-llc.com

We're proud of our Medical Device Quality Management System. View our certification here.