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At Med TECH LLC, we use the most cutting-edge equipment that is available in our manufacturing processes. Preventive maintenance is performed according to the manufacturer's specifications by highly skilled personnel on both a scheduled and real-time basis. Formal Validations have been performed on all of the equipment and processes and all qualifications are on file with our Quality Department.

CNC Milling:

Milling capabilities reign supreme with our Mazak and Fadal CNC Mills that can both perform assorted operations with extreme precision. A variety of geometric shapes, slots, holes, and other complex characteristics are accomplished with these state-of-the-art pieces of equipment. Some are equipped with 4th axis and others with 3-axis capabilities and all are equally as powerful and precise at machining geometry into complex medical devices.

CNC Turning:

The Mazak CNC Lathes boast superior technology with high-torque and high-speed turning capabilities and helps us get from print to part faster. Powerful spindles and multi-axes generate exceptional productivity and can accomplish a variety of turning and drilling operations.

Wire Electric Discharge Machines (EDM):

Our Fanuc and Brother Wire EDMs operate with extreme accuracy at high cutting speeds effortlessly cutting complex shapes and curves. The high-reliability and performance of these machines results in superior quality machined surfaces.

Swiss Turning:

The Star Swiss Turn at 32mm capacity provides maximum flexibility in the size and type of products we can manufacture.

Metal Finishing:

We use Baldor Buffers, Belt Grinders, and Trinco glass bead cabinets to accomplish a variety of customer required finishes while maintaining tight tolerances with complex geometry. An assortment of wheels, files, and other media are on-hand to assist us in the process of making the products cosmetically compliant.

Raw Material:

Our Wellsaw is a sturdy constructed bandsaw that is used for cutting raw materials in our controlled access raw material room in a wide variety of lengths and widths with precision every time. This saw is easily operated and employs features that ensure accurate cutting and guarantees peak performance and reliability.

Final Cleaning & Citric Passivation:

All manufacturing chemicals are thoroughly removed by our fully validated cleaning process. This process is tested and maintained regularly to assure products pass cytotoxicity and endotoxin testing. We use the best equipment available to ensure your product is free of contaminants. We also have a Citric Passivation process that is used to maximize corrosion resistance of stainless steel products after machining.

UGLZ Epoxy ink application:

Our UGLZ department includes Union Ink Uniglaze Epoxy Paint, a Grieve bench oven for heat curing, and an EFD applicator / dispenser. All the supplies are in-house and we have highly skilled UGLZ techs that perform this validated process.

Laser Marking:

We also perform laser marking in-house with a Rofin Yag Laser. Part numbers, lot numbers, logos, depth marks even less than a millimeter in size, and any other print-specific information can be marked with paramount precision and cosmetic quality.

Heat Treat:

Our validated Heat Treat process is performed with the Cress oven for 17-4, 465, and 455 stainless steel. We always verify the Rockwell Hardness of the material after heat treat to assure each lots results are as expected.

Tig Welding:

Our tig welding process includes the use of a Lincoln Tig Welder and is fully validated to assure weld integrity is met on each order. Our welders are certified and we employ multiple integrity tests such as Torque or force testing at customers request.

All processes at Med Tech LLC have undergone extensive testing and qualification to become fully validated and are compliant with ASTM standards.